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英語afterは基本的に「〜の後に」という意味で使かわれますが、いまいち使い方があやふやだと感じている方は多いと思います。単語の順序も含め、nextfollowingとの使い分けが難しいとよく生徒さんに言われます。それもそうです、使い方は本当に沢山あります!また、after thatとの使い分けも知りたいという声もありました。




(1) 順序を表すafter
(2) After thatの使い方
(6) その他afterの色々な意味と使い方
(7) afterと組み合わせた表現集
(8) afterを接頭語として使う単語集<

(1) 順序を表すafter


We will watch the movie after we have dinner.

I’ll contact you after I get home.

She did voluntary work in a hospital after she graduated college.

After the meeting is over I need to talk to you.

She left the party after me.


After reading the ad, she decided to call the company.

After watching the movie, we will go to the restaurant.

You’ll be allowed to have dessert after finishing your vegetables.


The post office is after the bank.

Turn left after Main Street.
「Main Streetの次の道を左です。」

(2) After thatの使い方

We will watch the movie. After that, we will have dinner.
We will watch the movie. We will have dinner after that.

First, you boil water. After that, you can add salt.

We got married in 1999. The year after that, our daughter was born.

I will work tomorrow and the day after that.

He left the house. It started raining not long after that.

Not (so) long after that.


The lecture will start shortly after 1pm.

I need to talk to you immediately after the meeting.

After I left him a message, he phoned me immediately.

We went to the restaurant right after watching the movie.

People left the theater soon after the concert was over.
People left the theater moments after the concert was over.

There was an accident seconds after he got off the plane.

It started raining not long after he left the house.


After a while, the job became easier.
The job became easier after a while.

After so many years, she has finally decided to come back to work.

He came back home after many years.

After many years of hard work and dedication, he finally got a promotion.

After many years of service, he decided to retire.

After a long day, I usually like to have a drink with friends.
After I had a long day, I usually like to have a drink with friends.

After a period of time, it happened again.
After some time, it happened again.

After a considerable/significant amount of time, he finally made a decision.
He finally made a decision after a considerable/significant length of time.


Day after day, he kept working hard.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, he just waited.

Minute after minute, hour after hour.

Meeting after meeting, I had to answer the same questions.

These days, we are hearing the same news time after time.

He ate all the boiled eggs one after another.

(6) その他afterの色々な意味と使い方

He is the fastest runner after Usain Bolt.

After you!

I always clean up after him.

The police is after him.

Please close the door after you.
Please close the door after yourself.

She is after your fortune.

It’s 10 minutes after two.

My parents named me after my grandfather.

How can you stay so calm after what you did?

(7) afterと組み合わせた表現集

After everything I’ve done for you, you betray me?

After all this time, you finally admit the truth.

Work comes after family.

Let’s meet the day after tomorrow.

How about the week after?
※他にもthe day afterthe month afterthe year afterとしても使えます。

They lived happily ever after.

He quit his job three months after he joined the company.

You should go after her!

He is looking after his sister’s children.

After all, we are friends!

The project was difficult but we will finish on time after all.

Do you believe in life after death?

Be careful when you go outside after dark.


(8) afterを接頭語として使う単語集

Are you going to the after-party?

There is an after-hours party at this bar.

Do you think there is an afterlife?

We felt the aftershocks for weeks.

What is the aftermath of that accident?

He puts aftershave every morning.

She will see her friends in the afternoon.

The hospital provides good aftercare.

The takeaway(要点):



また、afterを接頭語として使われることも少なくはありません。「午後」「余震」「余波」などはafterという単語が含まれています。これらも覚えて、単語力をつけましょう!ついでに、after-serviceは和製英語です。正しくはafter-sales serviceです!

Thank you for reading until the end and always remember to review after your lessons!

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