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neither nor 使い方



  1. 大抵は否定的な文と一緒にnorは使います。例えば、neitherやnotの後にnorが来ます
  2. neither…norやnot…norを使う時は、norの前後の文「並列構造」を保ちます。これは、全体の文の「バランス」が重要だからです。例えば、neitherの後に名詞句が来れば、norの後にも名詞句が来ます。
  3. 独立節を二つ繋げて文を書く場合、norの前に大抵カンマが必要ですが、喋る時は気にしません。
  4. nororと同じように、何度でも同じ文で使えます


1. neither…norの使い方
2. 助動詞と一緒に使うnor
3. 応答する時のnor
4. 一つの文で何度でも使えるnor
5. よくある間違ったneither…norの使い方

1. neither…norの使い方



I have met neither Tom nor Kelly.

The students understood neither the content nor the takeaway of the lecture.

Neither Tom nor his wife could say anything to their son.

Neither walking nor swimming sounds appealing to me.

Neither him nor her came to the party.

– Excuse me, I’m looking for this T-shirt in blue or red.
– Sorry, neither the blue one nor the red one is in stock at the moment.



My wife neither likes nor dislikes movies.

I’ve neither read the book nor watched the movie adaptation.

He can neither read nor write in Japanese.

We could neither watch a movie nor eat at the restaurant tonight.

You should neither move nor stand for a few days.


These shoes were neither cheap nor comfortable.

I was neither hungry nor thirsty until dinner.

She is neither happy nor sad.

She was neither surprised nor shocked by the news.

I come here neither too often nor too rarely.

The massage was neither too strong nor too weak. It was perfect!

John is neither very creative nor very inventive.


He works neither fast nor slowly.

This author writes neither beautifully nor clearly.

Whether or not you apologized to the client is neither here nor there.
※neither here nor thereは「問題外」と訳します。

– How did your team perform today, coach?
Neither well nor poorly.


2. 助動詞と一緒に使うnor



She doesn’t want to live in Tokyo, nor does she wish to live in Yokohama.

She won’t see him, nor will she talk to him.

The students didn’t know the answer to the equation, nor did the teacher.

Our company cannot agree to those conditions, nor can we make concessions.



She doesn’t want to live in Tokyo nor in Yokohama.

She won’t see him nor talk to him.

I can’t make head nor (can I make) tail of this puzzle…

The secretary can neither deny nor confirm the existence of this team.

3. 応答する時のnor


– I don’t understand this situation, nor does the manager.
Nor do I!

– I didn’t know Susan had left the company.
Nor did I!

– I won’t let that customer be rude to the staff like that!
Nor will I!

– I can’t understand his decision to cancel the project.
Nor can we!

– Social media didn’t cover this topic.
Nor did the mainstream media.

– I’ve never seen such a beautiful scenery before!
Nor have I!

4. 一つの文で何度でも使えるnor

On his first day of school, Mark had neither his books nor pens, nor paper.

I need neither your help nor pity, nor advice.


5. よくある間違ったneither…norの使い方

❌She neither talked to Sam nor to Susan at the party.
⭕️She talked neither to Sam nor to Susan at the party.
⭕️She neither talked to Sam nor spoke to Susan at the party.

❌Most of my friends wouldn’t use social media. Not for money nor fame.
⭕️Most of my friends wouldn’t use social media. Not for money nor for fame.
⭕️Most of my friends wouldn’t use social media for money or fame.

❌He can’t speak neither French nor English.
❌He can’t speak neither French or English.
⭕️He can speak neither French nor English.

❌He neither wanted to renovate his house nor to remodel it.
⭕️He wanted to neither renovate his house nor remodel it.

The store had neither milk, yoghurt nor cheese.
⭕️The store had neither milk, nor yoghurt nor cheese.

The Takeaway(要点):



Thank you for reading until the end! I hope it wasn’t too confusing nor too difficult to understand!

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