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当時 then 英語


「当時」英語で、then以外に他の表現があります。例えば、at the timeback in the dayという表現を聞いた事はありますか?日本語でも、「当時」はあまりにも近い過去を語る時は使いませんので、英語の場合もその様な脈絡が分かる表現を使いましょう。


1. Thenを使った「当時」
・back then
2. Timeを使った「当時」
・At the time
・Around/At that time
・Of the/that time
・In those times
・In those times
3. Day/Daysを使った「当時」
4. At that point/momentを使った「当時」
5. Whenを使った「当時」

1. Thenを使った「当時」



I was a student 10 years ago. I was studying in France then.

It was the year 2000. Things were different then.
「それは 2000 年のことでした。当時は状況が異なりました。」

When the country was in debt, the then president decided to step down.
the then + 名詞は丁寧な言い回しになります。

back then

It was 1996. Back then, we were just young employees with no experience.
「それは 1996 年のことでした。当時、私たちはまだ若い経験の無い社員でした。」

The album came out in 1968. This music genre was popular back then.
「このアルバムは 1968 年に発売されました。この音楽ジャンルは当時人気がありました。」

I went to kindergarten with Tom. Even back then, he was a stubborn child.


The iPhone came out in 2007. Until then, we were using flip phones.

I bought my first smartphone in 2010. Before then, I was using a flip phone.
「私が初めてスマホを購入したのは 2010年で、当時まではガラケーを使用していました。」

2. Timeを使った「当時」

At the time

I was a student 10 years ago. At the time, I was studying in France.

At the time of his death, the artist was working on a new art piece.

Around/At that time

The bubble burst in the 80s. Around/At that time, we were living in the US.
around that timeは「その頃」に近い意味になります。

Around the time of the financial crisis, everyone was worried about their investments.

Of the/that time

In the early 20th century, the artists of the time started experimenting with Cubism.

During the Showa period, men of that time no longer wore kimonos.

In those times

In those times, people didn’t have a choice.

Back in those times, cities didn’t have electricity.

Ancient/old times

In ancient times, Monarchs didn’t consider breakfast to be important.

In old times,  humans were hunter-gatherers.

3. Day/Daysを使った「当時」

Back in the day, we used to go out for drinks every Friday night with colleagues.

Those were the days we were young and full of dreams.

I will never forget those days when people just sat down in a park and read a book.

In those days, kids used to play in the park.

Back in those days, we could have a BBQ in our backyard.

Artists of those days performed for kings and queens.

In the old days, a samurai would carry two swords.

In (the) olden days, arranged marriage was very common.

Craftsmanship in days of yore were at another level.

4. At that point/momentを使った「当時」

At that point in my life , I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

At that moment in history, the world witnessed a man walk on the moon.

5. Whenを使った「当時」

When I was a university student, we used to eat sandwiches every day.

Back when I was a university student, online PC games started to become popular.




From the day of its release, the iPhone changed the world.

Tom is an old friend from that time I was traveling France.

They’ve been best friends from the first day they met.

Tom and I were neighbors in elementary school. I’ve know him from way back then.

From that day he married her, he never stopped loving her.

From that moment on, everything changed.

From that point, everything was different.

From that day forward, they never spoke to each other.


Since its establishment, the company continued to grow.

They got married in 1999. Since then, they’ve lived happily.

Since the day she was born, she enjoyed music.

We’ve been best friends since the first day we met.

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The Takeaway(要点):


これらの表現の中には、Back in the dayの様に、懐かしく過去を語る表現もありました。また、In those timesのような表現は歴史に関連する出来事や習慣を描きます。この様に、脈絡が分かる表現を使えるようにしましょう。

Thank you for reading until the end! What do you remember from back when you were a child?

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